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From the proposal

Each partner will have an Ambassador of Change that will be a catalyst of change within their respective organisations. They will lead their colleagues in their research and publishing activities by example and by supporting them in their field work, contact with stakeholders, possibly pooling effort so that colleagues working on their own mini research projects speak to stakeholders together etc. There will be a manual for Ambassadors with hints and suggestions about the best way to carry out their role and they will be participants in the first round of training C1 to help the lead by example process.

IO1 A2. Production of a manual for Ambassadors of Change so that they can support their colleagues and peers in the process of growth in the steps of Reading, Summarising, Verifying (field work) and Publishing

From minutes of Kick-off Meeting

Each partner shall appoint an Ambassador of Change.

The function of an Ambassador of Change is to set an example and lead / support / mentor colleagues in the read, summarise, verify and publish process of RSVP. The Ambassadors of Change will be the first to start the local activities and they will participate in the first training activity C1.

There will be a page featuring the Ambassadors of Change on the project website.

Qualities required for Ambassadors of Change:
1. right personality,
2. have time to support colleagues in RSVP local activities and
3. can participate in the first round of training C1.

Ambassadors of Change
VisMedNet Antoine Gambin
ValIda Valentina Berni
Building Bridges Jose Maria Imbert Bobadilla
Momentum Sonia Naiba
SIR Konrad Materek
YCCI Daniela Ilcheva
Bolu Youth Özge KIŞ

During the follow up to the kick-off meeting the partners will put together a mini manual for Ambassadors of Change so that they understand their role and responsibilities.