Welcome to the RSVP project

Read Summarise Verify and Publish (RSVP) is a strategic partnership in the field of youth between 8 partners under the leadership of the VisMedNet Association of Malta. 

RSVP will involve at least 40 different youth leaders and educators in a Community of Practice engaging them in research and publishing of mini research papers on the top 10 skills that employers will be watching out for when taking on new employees in 2020 as identified by a report of the World Economic Forum called "The Future of Jobs" (January 2016).

Complex Problem Solving Critical Thinking Creativity People Management Coordinating with Others
Emotional Intelligence Cognitive Flexibility Service Orientation Negotiation Judgement and Decision Making

For definitions of the skills

RSVP will also publish a joint publication on Recommendations for Innovation in Youth, Education and Industry to Synergise with 2025 Employment Trends.