The Partners


VisMednet Association, Malta works in the areas of youth, education and career development with a strong sense of social responsibility, innovation and creativity as a discipline. It is a promoter and champion for structured online communities of practice and concepts of human centred innovation in education in a wide sense.



Associazione ValIda, Italy is a young organisation that has seen rapid growth in research and deep understanding of the process of learning in regional and European projects. It has some strong specialisation in the use of joint and community publishing as an central part of quality strategies for organisations in education.



Bolu Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate, Turkey conducts the services of the Ministry for Youth and Sports for the region of Bolu. It determines policies that promote the development of youths' personal and social development, providing opportunities for youth to realise their own potential taking into consideration different target groups, cultivating active participation in every area of social life.


Momentum Marketing Services Limited, Ireland is an Irish VET organisation with a focus on developing progressive learning programmes and platforms for education, especially for youth education. It concentrates on enabling young people entering the world of work to be fully prepared and to have a skill set in accordance with the latest job market trends. The team of Momentum is made up of firm believers in lifelong learning and education is at the heart of their work.



Asociacion Building Bridges, Spain works at being socially proactive and responsible in its actions in order to bridge the knowledge, experience and social gap between europeans by way of mobilities. By developing socially inclusive projects within the framework of KA1 and KA2's Building Bridges promotes a forward thinking  youth, where borders and limits to creativity become a thing of the past. 



Visoka Poslovna Skola PAR, Croatia is driven by the desire to make a change, education as an answer to a need for knowledge and care for the future generations. Since its inception PAR has become known as an innovative international educational centre and as a pioneer in the education and entrepreneurial field in its region, as well as the motivator for change and business excellence.



Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria is non-profit, private, voluntary organization of the business field in the region of Yambol, Bulgaria and its goals and objectives are to support, promote, represent and protect the economic interests of businesses in the region -industrialists, manufacturers and retailers.YCCI has strong European profile, international experience and many distinctions in the provision of integrated and ground-breaking consultancy services in a wide spectrum of fields, including SME consulting, employer/employee skills empowerment, Vocational Education and Training (VET) including train-the-trainer provisions, Entrepreneurship Education, Communication, Community Building and Awareness Measures, Event Management, Social Innovation, Culture, etc.



Stowarzyszenie Integracja i Rozwoj, Poland is concentrated on development of the local societies, provision of support to the initiatives of local societies, culture and promotion of national heritage, as well as sports, recreation, environmental protection, health promotion, social services, improvement of rehabilitation of the disabled, and on development of the education, science and technology sectors. Our main goals are: actions towards Civil Society Development, increasing opportunities for social dialogue, and platforms for communication for the local society with national and international actors, awareness raising and promotion of integration and cooperation with the European Union, enhancing establishment of partnerships and cooperation between EU countries and new Member States and Eastern Europe