Promoting the Research Culture into Youth Work and Education

C1Youth workers and educators (and their organisations) will be engaged in a Community of Practice that is set up for the purpose of upping the professional quality and profile of professionals who work with young people. The experience of the partners shows that youth workers are unlikely to be engaged in research and this is often because: 

- research is often seen as the exclusive territory of academics,
- one often finds research as not an easy read and not enough closely related with the every day professional needs of youth workers,
- one does not see reading and carrying out research as being a form of lifelong professional education and
- in general it is just does not happen.

RSVP will change this by showing youth workers that one can:

- engage in research through small steps in mini research projects,
- read research in a more focused way if one is required to write a summary about what one reads (one reads research with a purpose) and
- become a better professional by acquiring knowledge and engaging with stakeholders in a new way.

The new way is that in a CoP activities are disciplined and structured because it is a Community with a mission as opposed to normal networking that has benefits usually of a generic nature.