State of Things with National Agency and dates for Training in Malta

Submitted by 2025SkillsAdmin on Tue, 11/12/2019 - 13:54

Good afternoon to all.

We have been chasing the National Agency for the result of the second interim report for RSVP project. We have been chasing for them to vet and approve the interim report so that we also chase for payment. The NA agency owes us the second payment after the approval of the 1st interim report and, upon approval the third payment.

They said that the NA will pay both payments upon approval of the report we submitted more than a month ago but they have not given us an indication of how much more time they need.

They had not sent the second payment even if the 1st interim report was approved because one part of the NA said that it was ok to put in as expenses the costs of the training C1 of July even if interim report covered till end of June but finance office was a different opinion.

This of course makes it necessary to discuss if we should postpone the training in Malta because that would mean that partners would have travel costs etc. If, by way of miracle the interim report is approved today they still take a week or so to pay. We would like to ask you for feedback on the following questions:

- has anyone bought flights yet?

- do you think we should postpone the training with some weeks so that we give time for NA to approve report and send payments ? the meantime we work on finishing the publishing of summaries etc. from C1.

Postponing the training in Malta for example to January or first half of February would still mean we are on time in project timeline.

If any partner wishes to send a private comment please send by email but preferably discussion in this forum would give us all a panorama of opinions.

Thank you!


Hello Antoine,

Thank you for the provided info. we were worried that we lost the communication with you.

Based on the situation described, we would agree that January 2020 is also a good idea.


Dear Antoine,

I accept the postponing of the C2 in Malta. We have not bought the tickets yet and for us, it is not a problem.

We do accept the changes in this manner.

Wish you luck in negotiating with NA J. Let me know if I can support you anyhow.


Warm regards,

Katarzyna Zapała

Hello Antoine,

Thanks for the update. Considering this, we would also prefer a postponement. January and February are viable options for us as well. 

Kind regards,

Sonia Naiba 

Jose Maria Imbert

Wed, 11/13/2019 - 09:10

Dear Antoine, 

We have not yet made any arrangements or purchases for C2 so we are quite alright with the change in dates for this meeting. We will be attentive to your confirmation for upcoming dates so we may inform the selected participants. 


José M. Imbert 



Since the time is really coming, could we consider the C2 postponed for the very beginning of 2020?