IO1A1 : Editorial Board

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The Editorial Board was appointed by the partners during the kick-off meeting with some substitutions taking place during the duration of the project.

VisMedNet Antoine Gambin
ValIda Valentina Berni
Building Bridges Enrique Gallardo Mantas
Momentum Orla Casey
SIR Agnieszka Kaczmarkiewicz
YCCI Daniela Ilcheva
Bolu Youth Gökhan CAN
PAR Bisera Karanovic


From the project proposal
The partners will establish an Editorial and Quality Board to regulate the publication process so that there can be:
- set criteria for quality and format of papers (supported by online tools and templates already up and running on the CoP infrastructure inherited from previous VISConti and UPPScience projects) and
- a balanced variety of topics for Summaries and Mini Papers to cover all 10 skills identified in the report with at least 4 mini research projects about each skill (this is in key with the character of a CoP that activities re disciplined and structured as opposed to fluid networking).

RSVP Editorial Board Set of Standards

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Mon, 03/15/2021 - 10:12

Topics to discuss in our meeting would include:

  1. ensuring all Members of the Editorial Board are the same as on this page,
  2. ensuring that all Members of the Editorial Board are registered on the CoP Platform,
  3. giving time to the Members to go through the document on this page and raising questions if any,
  4. discussion if, for efficiency we get all members of the Editorial Board to be one of the peer reviewers of all papers and
  5. setting a time and date of a next meeting after we have all read to know what to expect so that by the time of next meeting we will also have dates etc. for C2 and we can speak in specific steps to start IO2.


Wed, 03/24/2021 - 03:38

This is to let you know that I will be on Zoom to liaise with members of the Editorial Board who may have questions about topics for summaries and mini papers etc.

Zoom 12:00-13:00 Rome time